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Summer Internship

Summer Internship: July 2017

I was looking for something to do over the summer 2017 after my studies had finished for my first academic year of my degree Computing Science. After looking through various job web sites and university posts I have found a perfect summer internship, Innervation Developer at Staffs Uni. I applied for the job and got the opportunity to attend a workshop for the job, which involved team work, presenting ideas, brainstorming and guest talks about business. A week after the workshop (Group Interview) I was offered a one to one interview with head of innovation at the university and his colleague. The interview went very well I answered all the questions with confidence and brought in my own research and ideas for the job. The very same day I was offered the job, I was so excited and what a fantastic opportunity to work on a real life project and a team of five people, I knew this would fantastic on my C.V.

On my first day the team were briefed on the project and what we were required to produce, the job was real life we were expected to set up meeting with the client and draw up a requirements list (MoSCoW Method) and get one with the task as a team.
The project: The job we were tasked to do was to produce an Android app that helped Stoke-on-Trent’s tourism and events. It’s a one stop shop for tourist attractions, events, landmarks with features such as QR Code scanning, GPS, Geo-fencing and Database functions with a web front end.

Initially we did the introductions and draw up a skills lists, everyone had different skills and specialities. After designating jobs to each member of the team we soon decided that version control and pulling our work together needed much thought. After some research we decided that GitHub was the best option and as students we get the premium features free of charge.
Before meeting for the first time with our client we decided to brainstorm ideas and come up with ideas of what we thought the product would achieve and what the client would like. The actual meeting with the client went great they loved the ideas that we had come up with and suggested a few ideas of their own.


Within five weeks we came up with a initial prototype, on the penultimate day we present the prototype to six members of the council and with a test phone each with the application installed for them to play with. The presentation went very well and everyone was very positive about the product that we had produced in just five weeks.
Since finishing the internship we are still working together to keep the project going and refactoring the code and adding refinements, we are hoping that the council is paying for the app. As it stands on writing this blog entry we are waiting on a decision from higher management within the council to see if we can get the funding to continue with the project for them.


Photo: Our last day presentation



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