Exeter JISC Conference: 20th-21st April 2017

This event was recommended to the Digital Champions to attend, I jump at the opportunity; the students union organised transport and accommodation for the event with a rep. The idea of going was the gather notes and best practice from universities all over the country on how technology can help student learning.

On arriving we were shown to the accommodation to leave our bags, after settling in we decided to explore the university. It had lovely grounds and buildings some very old but still functional, they seemed to have the latest tech. They had what looked like a mini shopping centre with shops, cafes, restaurants and banks.




On arriving at first day registration I studied the program and put my name down for the workshops and talks that I found would most benefit. The welcome talk was by Sarah from JISC (UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions.) after this talk we broke up into the different sections of the program for talks / workshops.

On day 1 I attended the following:

  • Students on tech
  • From the group up, iChamps
  • Professional Development Partnership
  • Creating a global partnership with students through online learning
  • ADR Records

At the end of the working day the university but on a BBQ outside at lovely old manor house, this was a chance to talk to people from other universities and network with organisations that also hosted at the conference.


Day two and I was up bright an early down for breakfast and planning what workshops and talks I was going to attend that day. After the welcome back talk we broken up into our groups for the programs we signed up to.

On day 2 I attended the following:

  • Tracking the student digital experience
  • Birmingham Digital Students
  • Co-Creating serious games for education
  • Graphical Representation of the conference


Overall I had a very enjoyable visit and learnt a lot about best practice and made a lot of notes of what I wanted to implement on my return to Staffs Uni. If you would like to see my notes or would like to know more, please get in touch.