Microsoft London Victoria Visit

As part of the Student Digital Champion job at Staffordshire University I have the exciting opportunity to visit Microsoft head office in London, Victoria. We travel down as a team after being given a brand new Surface Pro 4, which I get to keep. The journey down was fast and gave us all a chance to get to know one and another as we had not been altogether before and discuss what we were getting out of the day.

The plan was a guided tour of the building followed by Office 365 training, lunch and then Microsoft Academy training. The office tour was amazing, it was great to see how Microsoft employees work, the office décor was very modern and people seem to hot desk and work on their mobile devices in the café for example.

The training went very well and I learned so much about Office 365, something that was most interesting was using Office online it has newer features than the desktop version and saves on every keypress, so no more loosing documents when a crash or power outage occurs.

Overall I had a fantastic day and would love to go back sometime very soon, it was a real eye opener to see how people worked in such a large scale company. Everyone I met was friendly and polite, this would be an awesome work place.