10am - FAIR: Business, Computing and Engineering Fair

First thing Tuesday morning at 10am I turned up at the Business, Computing and Engineering Fair very excited and well prepared to meeting with potential employers. I came with business cards, CV’s and looking smart, as I was slightly nervous I decided to speak to some smaller names to build my confidence. Soon enough I was relaxed and ready to speak to the names what I wanted to about possible placement opportunities.

First off I spoke to NHS, unfortunately that don’t offer placement opportunities only paid employment after graduation. They describe what they do anyway and offered me a tour of their I.T. centre in Stok. After a long conversation of what I have done so far and the experience I have they were keen to get me through the door. They said that bank work is available and would be very ad-hoc, I was very interested in this and gave them my card and CV, they are going to contact me soon as work is available for me to do along side my studies.
My second big name was Amazon, I was very interested in working for this company as I love the products they produce e.g. Amazon Echo, Fire Tablets and Firesticks, I have all these products at home. I know that their main reason for them being at the fair was to look for networking students, this is something I have very little experience in. I asked if they had other roles available, one of the roles I was interested in they have is software engineering. I told they my history of software and programming languages that I know and how I am currently learning to code for the amazons own products the echo particular. They seemed very positive about all my experience and said I would have a good chance of interview and should apply. Unfortunately they couldn’t give me anymore information as they are network engineers.

The last big name that I spoke to was Barclays bank, Barclays offer a lot of placements and have all different areas that I could potentially go into. They handed me a booklet and a lot of information for me to look through and how to apply, they don’t take paper CVs so I would need to apply online through their own application system. Additional to this they offer all sorts of careers coaching and CV building services not just for apply to their own company. Once signed up you can have free careers advice and guidance for life, this is a real plus for the company.

I spoke to approximately 90% of the companies at the fair, 50% of those at the fair don’t take placement students including a forensics company due to security reasons. I found the whole experience very good, it was great to spend time networking with these companies I have introduced myself to them all and have contact details for the ones I want to stay in touch with.
The day after the fair I gathered all the information and sorted through and emailed, added people on LinkedIn that I met at the fair thanking them for the chance to meet and to stay in touch.

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Purpose - Points of interest from the lecture (Hyner, 2017)

Purpose and how having a purpose can help.
David speaks of how some speakers appear timid, shaking and terrified whist waiting in the wings but the moment they step out and begin, they become confident, composed. He says the reason for this is simple, they are speaking about their subject, their passion, their obsession and all their fears dissipate as they command the stage with conviction via their purpose. All their misgivings are pushed a side as their subject becomes stronger and more important to them than their fears.

To achieve confidence to speak to an audience you need PURPOSE.
Everyone has a dream of thing they want to achieve or do with their life, but sometimes we are not brave enough to follow the dream. Having a purpose is basically a dream or a massive goal, with this insight you will feel:

• Passionate
• Engages you
• Tell people about it
• Teach people about it
• Sets heart racing

This is what makes the goal achievable, this is what gives you the courage to say “Is that all you have got?” to setbacks. Many people use family, money, security, fame etc as their purpose and that’s what gives them the confidence and push to achieve their goals.

Hyner, D. (2017) Purpose [Lecture to futre fest week] Staffordshire University 13th November.