1:30pm - DPD Design Sprint

The design sprint was an idea that Staffordshire university and the managing director of DPD came up with, they were looking for solutions for their problems. They brought a list of problems that the company currently has and also some problems that will affect business in the future and wanted our input on how to solve the problems.

1.30pm - 2pm Welcome and Introduction to the event (Room S530, Mellor Building)
2pm - 5pm Creative Session - student teams work on design ideas and proof of concept (Rooms S500/S520, Mellor Building)
5pm - 6pm Presentations - teams pitch ideas to DPD/University staff judging panel (Collision Space, Mellor Building)
6.30pm - 7pm Closing presentation where the winners of the event will be announced (Collision Space, Mellor Building)

This was a brief introduction to the staff from DPD and what a little history about their company and what we had to do.
Who are DPD?
Extract from DPD website DPD (UK) – About DPD (2017).
DPD is one of the UK's leading time-critical carriers and can satisfy all your distribution needs, whether your consignments are for the UK or elsewhere in the world.
Integrating our own extensive UK network with our unrivalled ground-based service to Europe and Air Express service to the rest of the world, we are well placed to satisfy all your distribution and logistics needs.
In addition, our team of people has the technology and information systems to provide a seamless service for you and your customers.
We have a total support network that will act - if you want it to - as an extension of your own business.

We had three hours to come up with ideas from a list of problems, we were to pick one and produce a presentation to present our solutions and improvements for the problem chosen. We decided to pick how we can improve the mobile app they already have. After a lot of thinking and planning we came up with the following improvements:

• Away switch – If you are nipping out to a friends for example you could toggle a button on the app that will let the know you are out and to leave the parcel with neighbours or a safe place.
• Alternative location – This links into the above feature, if you are around the corner for example at a friends house you could say delivery to your friends house instead, this would work in a pre-defined radius. When the driver turns up he would san a QR code on the recipients mobile device as a security feature that the parcel is going to the correct person.
• Home automation – Further app enhancements come via intelligent home speakers e.g. Amazon Echo and Google home to name a few. You would simple ask were your parcel is and the speak will respond and present options. This could connect with DPD’s existing chat bot they already use on the web site.
• Speech recognition – This feature is almost the same as the above but it would be based within the app, the user would press a button and then ask questions like above. This is very useful for people with sight problems that cant see a lot of text on their mobile device.
• Accessibility – The last ideas was a setting in the option menu to change colours and text sizes within the app, so that people visually impaired could see that information better.

Present Ideas
Every group presented from 5pm, we were first up. The presentation went very well and we manage to present all our ideas within the five-minuet window specified. We answered a few questions at the end, the feedback was very positive and they liked all our ideas.

DPD (UK) – About DPD (2017) Available at: http://www.dpd.co.uk/content/about_dpd/index.jsp (Accessed: 28 November 2017).